Bamako to Kinshasa: a PhD and blog update

An update is long overdue: writing up my PhD took priority over blogging for most of 2013. Fortunately, I successfully passed my thesis defence and presented the final results to WaterAid in September – many, many thanks to my supervisors Dr Vandana Desai, Dr Alex Loftus and Tom Slaymaker, and my examiners Professor Frances Cleaver and Professor Richard Carter. The full PhD thesis (and a one-page abstract) is now available online.

Two days later, I moved to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I’ve started an exciting new job in Kinshasa, working for the DRC WASH Consortium, a group of five international NGOs funded by DFID to support over half a million people in rural areas of DRC to improve access to water, sanitation and hygiene. We are dealing with many of the same issues as in Mali, but in an even more challenging context: understanding the long-term costs of water and sanitation services; working with local authorities and others to support community management of rural water supply; exploring different approaches to sanitation and hygiene promotion; and analysing and trying to influence sector politics.

So this is a reboot for the blog and an early New Year’s resolution for 2014. I will post more details on the results of the PhD and related work that I have just published. I will continue to keep my eye on interesting debates in the wider WASH sector. And – internet reliability permitting! – I will discuss updates from the work of the Consortium and how we are trying to address the challenges to sustainable services in DRC.