Polygamy and punctuation

Toubabou à Bamako is a great blog for anyone interested in water and sanitation and Mali. Written by Thierry Helsens, a technical adviser to the National Water Directorate with many years of experience in Mali and West Africa, it mixes expert observations of the water and sanitation challenges here with street photography showing more of daily life in Bamako. This was my favourite recent photo from the blog, of a sign advertising the introduction of mandatory health insurance (for formally salaried workers). The continuing high level of polygamy in Mali means that the writer has had to include the extra “mes” in brackets and “femmes” in the plural to assure men with multiple wives that all of them are covered by the insurance:

From Thierry Helsens, http://mali.blogs.liberation.fr


One Comment on “Polygamy and punctuation”

  1. Phil says:

    Hi Stephen,
    Thanks for sharing that link. His site has some great insight on Mali, as does yours.

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