Policy-based evidence making

For all researchers hoping that their work might be able to positively influence a government’s policies, British political comedy TV shows are a good reality check. Hat tips to Aid Thoughts and Roving Bandit for the following gems from Yes, Prime Minister and The Thick Of It respectively, showing how (not) to design surveys or seek expert advice (strong language warning for the second clip).


2 Comments on “Policy-based evidence making”

  1. David. L says:

    Policy based evidence making- that’s cynical! Or did you mean evidence based policy making? Either way I guess the message is that my truth is not your truth unless you agree with what I or my ‘expert’ claim to be true? My day ahead rebuilding a drystone wall on Bardon Hill, Leicestershire’s highest point now has an added attraction i.e freedom from the worry of whose’s expert is right- the stones have an empirical truthfulness of their own.

  2. […] What We Are Reading 10/06/2011 June 10, 2011 by Do No Harm Inc. 1. Policy-based evidence making […]

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