The Venn diagrams of life and aid

Back to blogging after further community visits and interviews, and plenty more back-of-the-motorbike thinking time. Following my last post on why I am doing a PhD, I’ve been reflecting more widely on what I might want to do more long-term: some combination of what I enjoy on a day-to-day basis, what I’m good at / qualified for, and what I think is important for contributing to poverty alleviation. Then I found that the excellent la vidaid loca blog had not only got their first, but has articulated these sorts of personal ideas through various colourful Venn diagrams and then extrapolated to the whole field of international development. It’s brilliant, read the whole thing and see all the pretty pictures here.

Circles of life

I’m only slightly biased by the fact that the first two things la vidaid loca proposes that fit in the overlap of ‘what the West is good at’ and ‘what really needs doing to end poverty’ – ‘rights and economic freedom for women’ and ‘plumbing’ – are broadly what my girlfriend and I, respectively, mostly work on.

The circles of aid


8 Comments on “The Venn diagrams of life and aid”

  1. Cynan says:

    Plumbing and women’s rights, excellent! Hopefully not another venn diagram inside that though, where the two of you just focus on women’s right to plumbing. 😉

    I see we share a blog theme. I am gonna have to add a crappy picture or summat.

  2. Cynan says:

    Actually about twelve seconds thought makes me think that focusing on women’s rights to plumbing would be a fertile field of research…

  3. Gareth Lewis says:

    That blog is great! I’m loving the diagrams and the ‘once i gave a man my shoes’ post

  4. James says:

    What’re the tiny words in the middle of all three circles…?

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